200 Truth Questions to Ask on Truth or Dare

Ready for Truth or Dare? Here are 200 fun and deep questions about friends, life, and love! You gotta try these awesome Truth or Dare questions with your crush, a new friend, a stranger, or just anyone!

If this is your first time playing, brush up on the Truth or Dare game rules before joining. But if you’re just looking for cool new truth questions to ask, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 200 truth questions to ask your crush, the opposite sex or any new friend you’ve made at a party. 🎉

Truth Questions to Ask Your Crush

Truth or Dare games are best played with your crush because you’ll learn new things about them in the process. If you’re a bit shy and don’t know how to talk to your crush, these questions could do the trick:

Truth Questions to Ask the Opposite Sex

People don’t develop social skills at the same time. Some people are fully capable of conversing with the opposite sex at an early age, while others are late-bloomers. Let these truth questions to ask a girl prepare you for Truth or Dare games you might come across in the future:

Truth Questions to Ask Anybody

These questions are perfect for a newfound friend, an acquaintance you don’t know anything personal about, or even a stranger who randomly joined the Truth or Dare game you’re playing.

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