Funny Truth or Dare questions

Get ready for a barrel of laughs with our funny Truth or Dare questions list. This collection will create joyful and entertaining moments from witty challenges to humorous revelations!

Want to get everyone in the room laughing? A game of Truth or Dare is always a great way to break the ice and have fun!

This classic game is perfect for any age group and can be played in any setting — from a family gathering to a night out with friends. And it’s a straightforward game — all you need is a list of questions and creative thinking!

Explore Truth or Dare, the ultimate party game and your go-to resource for creating memorable moments and fostering connections at any social event!

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Funny Truth or Dare questions

Funny Truth or Dare questions

Ready to get the game going? Here are some funny Truth or Dare questions to get you started:

1. What is your go-to shower song?

Sing your heart out!

2. Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else?

Passing the blame!

3. Would you trade your friend for a million dollars?

Friendship or fortune?

4. What do you think about when sitting on the toilet?

Toilet thoughts!

5. If you’re going to hear one joke for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Endless laughter!

6. Would you rather be caught picking a wedge or picking your nose?

Awkward situations!

7. If you were a Pokémon, which Pokémon would you be, and why?

Pokémon transformation!

8. Would you do it if someone paid you $50 to pick your nose and eat it in public?

Money or dignity?

9. If you were given a choice between having super eyesight (ability to see through walls) or super hearing (ability to hear from miles away), which would you pick?

Super senses dilemma!

10. Have you ever broken something and blamed someone else?

The blame game!

11. How many photo filter apps do you have on your phone?

Filter frenzy!

12. If you were to choose one swear word for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Cursing conundrum!

13. Do you find ding-dong ditching someone funny?

Pranks and laughter!

14. Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?

Oops, exposed!

15. If you had to choose between eating a pigeon or a subway rat, which would you pick?

Unusual culinary choices!

16. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Gut-busting laughter!

17. What is the most embarrassing object in your room right now?

Awkward room secrets!

18. What is your most embarrassing puberty-related story?

Puberty tales!

19. If you are given funds for plastic surgery, which celebrity would be your inspiration?

Dream celebrity look!

20. What is your grossest vomit story?

Unfortunate stomach mishaps!

21. What’s the craziest event or place you’ve ever been to?

Unforgettable adventures!

22. Have you ever eaten a bug? Was it intentional or accidental?

Creepy crawlies and cravings!

23. What is the biggest lie you’ve gotten away with?

Master of deception!

24. What is the funniest thing your grandparents have ever said?

Grandparent humor!

25. What is the best party that you’ve ever been to?

Party memories!

26. What title would your autobiography be?

The story of me!

27. Whose life would you want to swap with if given a chance?

Walking in someone else’s shoes!

28. If you could choose your stripper name, what would it be?

Stage name fantasies!

29. When is the best time for mooning/flashing people?

Cheeky moments!

30. Out of three people in the room: who would you fuck, marry, and kill?

Controversial choices!

31. Go on Facebook Live acting crazy for 30 minutes straight.

Crazy Facebook Live antics!

32. Stand at the center of the room and do the boogie without music.

Silent dance party!

33. Draw a face on your palm or fingers and make a puppet presentation to the group.

Puppet show extravaganza!

34. Take a video singing a lame song other players chose, then post it on your social media.

Embarrassing song serenade!

35. Call your parents with a serious voice and tell them they’re grounded for a week.

Prank call grounding!

36. Sing the Star-Spangled Banner in a Bugs Bunny voice.

Bugs Bunny anthem!

37. Post a long, nonsensical status on your Facebook, such as a detailed process of shopping for shoes or your daily routine on your way to work.

Facebook gibberish post!

38. Eat a super-hot pepper with a straight face.

Straight-faced pepper challenge!

39. Allow someone from the game to draw your eyebrows using a permanent marker.

Bold marker eyebrows!

40. Everything that comes from your mouth in the next 15 minutes must rhyme.

Rhyme time challenge!

41. Tell the worst joke you know in your most-excited voice.

Enthusiastic bad joke!

42. Call a random person from your contact list, shout, “I’m on the top of the world,” then hang up.

Top of the world prank!

43. Run around the room, imitating a monkey or a gorilla.

Wild monkey/gorilla run!

44. Go to the backyard and juggle three eggs. Add more if you’re brave.

Egg juggling extravaganza!

45. Serenade somebody from the group using your favorite cartoon character’s voice.

Cartoon character serenade!

46. Stand up, yell “Giddy-up!” and gallop around the room like a cowboy on a horse.

Giddy-up cowboy gallop!

47. With a blindfold, point to anything inside the room and eat a spoonful of what you chose.

Blindfolded mystery bite!

48. Recite a poem with your tongue sticking out.

Poem with the tongue out!

49. Set an unflattering selfie as your new Instagram profile picture.

Unflattering profile pic!

50. Go to the front lawn and dance like a chicken.

Chicken dance party!

51. Talk in a high-pitched voice throughout the game.

High-pitched talkathon!

52. Try to lick your elbow.

Elbow-licking challenge!

53. Make fart noises with your armpits.

Armpit fart symphony!

54. Let anyone playing with you style your hair. Take photos and post them on Facebook.

Crazy hair makeover!

55. Talk and act like a robot.

Robotic conversation mode!

56. Pick a song from your friend’s Spotify playlist and do an impromptu interpretative dance.

Spontaneous dance performance!

57. Call your crush and confess by singing a dramatic song like “Can’t help falling in love.”

Dramatic crush confession!

58. Sing your choice of Disney song as loud as you can. Bonus points if you can make hand gestures too!

Epic Disney sing-along!

59. Attempt to breakdance.

Breakdance extravaganza!

60. Pretend to be a pig and sniff other players of the game.

Piggy sniffing adventure!

Embarrassing Truth or Dare questions

Embarrassing Truth or Dare questions

Want to liven up the game? Try some embarrassing Truth or Dare questions to get everyone in fits of laughter!

1. Name one thing you’ve searched on your phone that would be too embarrassing for others to discover.

Embarrassing search history reveal!

2. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did to impress someone?

Cringe-worthy impressing moments!

3. Describe in detail your most embarrassing date ever.

Tales from awkward dates!

4. What was the stupidest thing you ever did?

Recall your epic blunder!

5. What’s the longest you’ve gone without showering?

Showerless streak confession!

6. Which lame song do you secretly love?

Guilty pleasure tune!

7. Did you ever spread a rumor about you?

Rumor mill involvement!

8. How many pairs of granny panties do you own?

Granny panty collection reveal!

9. Are you scared of the dark?

Fear of darkness confession!

10. When was the last time you farted in an elevator?

Elevator flatulence disclosure!

11. What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re home alone?

Quirky solo activities exposed!

12. Do you have an embarrassing make-out story?

Make out mishap tale!

13. Have you ever pooped your pants as an adult?

Toilet mishap revelation!

14. What’s one movie you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoy?

Guilty pleasure film reveal!

15. If someone went through your office cabinet or school locker, what’s the weirdest thing they’d find?

Unexpected locker/cabinet discovery!

16. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a huge crowd?

Epic crowd humiliation moment!

17. What’s the smallest tip you’ve ever left at a restaurant?

Cheapskate tipping story!

18. Have you ever asked someone out and been publicly rejected?

Public rejection embarrassment!

19. Are you a fan of cheesy B movies like Sharknado?

Love cheesy B-movies!

20. Have you ever butt-dialed someone?

Accidental butt-dialing confession!

Scandalous phone photo reveal!

22. Are you scared of clowns?

Fear of clowns is valid.

23. Have you ever sent a sext to the wrong person? 🤣

Sexting mishap tale!

24. What’s the last embarrassing YouTube video you’ve watched?

Embarrassing YouTube choice!

25. When you fart, do you move away from it or fake not smelling anything?

Fart etiquette discussion!

26. What is your worst habit?

Reveal your bad habits!

27. What’s the most embarrassing thing that your parents caught you doing?

Parental embarrassment moment!

28. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a movie theater?

Wild movie theater escapade!

29. Have you ever had lice?

Lice infestation confession!

30. What As seen on TV product do you secretly want to buy?

A hidden desire for quirky products!

31. Go to your neighbor and ask if they have a condom you could use.

Awkward neighbor encounter!

32. Take an embarrassing selfie and post it to your Instagram.

Embrace your silliness!

33. Slow dance to an upbeat song.

Unleash your inner dancer!

34. Screenshot a conversation you had with a friend and “accidentally” forward it to them.

Prank your friends!

35. Do the Macarena. Plus points if you can hum or sing the song while doing it.

Dance like nobody’s watching!

36. Let another player write a Facebook status from your account and leave it posted for an hour.

Social media shenanigans!

37. Go to a random group and give a 5-minute lecture about safe sex.

Spread knowledge hilariously!

38. Draw on your face with a permanent marker.

Get artsy with consequences!

39. Group-text your entire family about having the most painful UTI you’d ever had.

Family chat prank!

40. Let another player cut off a piece of your hair.

Trust your friends!

41. Mime your favorite song. If someone in the game guesses your song, you can skip a turn.

Silent melodies!

42. Use hand gestures to gross out other players.

Non-verbal disgust!

43. Knock on a neighbor’s door and pretend to be a singing telegram.

Unexpected serenade!

44. Choreograph a quickie TikTok dance and post it.

Embrace your TikTok fame!

45. Let someone else do your makeup and take a photo for evidence.

Makeup madness!

46. Use your best evil laugh until the end of the game.

Unleash your villainous side!

47. DM one of your old friends with a message: “I know what you did last summer.”

Bring back the past!

48. Awkwardly smell someone else’s hair until they notice.

Sniffing secrets!

49. Jump into your neighbor’s dumpster.

Dare to dive!

50. Go outside and say “I love you” to the first stranger you see.

Spread love unexpectedly!

51. Do the snake dance on the floor for 2 minutes.

Get your slither on!

52. Describe in great detail a fantasy that you’d never do in real life.

Unleash your imagination!

53. Speak in pig Latin until the end of the game.

Language twist!

54. Call a realtor and ask 20 questions about your own house.

Curiosity calling!

55. Make your best impression of another player.

Imitate with hilarity!

56. Pretend to do hula-hoops around your waist for 3 minutes.

Hula-hoop extravaganza!

57. Screenshot your browsing history and send it to your crush.

Daring digital confession!

58. Do your best worm dance on the floor and give it your twist.

Get down with the worm!

59. Do stand-up comedy for 5 minutes or reenact your favorite SNL sketch. Plus points if you get some of the players to laugh out loud.

Be the life of the party!

60. Write and perform a rap about a random object in the room.

Drop some sick rhymes!

Elevate your game night with the best Truth or Dare questions - a handpicked compilation that promises laughter, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

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