Dares for Truth or Dare over text

Discover a list of exciting dares for playing Truth or Dare over text and take your virtual game nights to the next level. Get ready for fun challenges!

Just because Truth or Dare is a party game doesn’t mean you can’t play over text! This classic game can be tailored to suit a virtual audience, with creative dares and ideas designed for texting between friends!

Regardless of who you’re playing with, you can make Truth or Dare exciting, no matter the distance. From funny dares to physical challenges, there’s something for everyone! So, charge up those phones and get ready to text your way through the game!

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What are good dares for Truth or Dare?

When it comes to coming up with creative dares, the possibilities are endless! To get you started, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Tip 1: Think outside the box – creative dares can be anything from singing a song to putting on a show for the other players.
  2. Tip 2: Make it age-appropriate – choose appropriate dares for all the participants, such as funny or silly challenges.
  3. Tip 3: Don’t make it too hard – the challenge should be doable for everyone, so ensure it’s not too dangerous or physical.
  4. Tip 4: Make it personal – if a player has a unique talent or skill, why not challenge them to show it off?

Ultimately, the goal is for everyone to have fun, so make sure the dares are challenging but not too difficult. And remember – laughter is the best form of medicine, so don’t be afraid to get silly!

Wondering how to take your Truth or Dare experience to the next level? Dive into this list of dares for Truth or Dare, designed to add a playful and daring twist to your game night, ensuring an unforgettable time.

Fun dares for Truth or Dare with friends over text

Ready to get silly with your friends? Texting Truth or Dare is a great way to spend quality time with friends, even from a distance.

1. Send a selfie of you taken at an unflattering angle.

No bad angles, just good laughs!

2. Text someone a funny pickup line and screenshot their reaction.

Be smooth!

3. Send a funny video of you lip-syncing to your favorite song.

Show off your moves!

4. Make up and perform a funny dance.

Create your masterpiece!

5. Sing a rap song and send it to the group.

Impress your friends and family!

6. Text your crush and confess that he/she has a secret admirer. Send us a screenshot as proof.

Love is in the air!

7. Send a screenshot of your search history.

No judgment here!

8. Write a funny poem using only emojis.

Get creative with those emojis!

9. Send a video of you attempting to do the splits.

Stretch it out!

10. Send a screenshot of the last text you received from your mom.

Mother knows best!

11. Send a voice message imitating a celebrity.

Impress your friends with your impersonation skills!

12. Text your crush and ask them to recommend a song for you to listen to. Send us a screenshot as proof.

Discover new music and start a conversation!

13. Share a photo of the most random item you can find in your room.

Let’s see who has the quirkiest item!

14. Send us a cute picture of your pet.

Cuteness overload!

15. Record yourself doing a dramatic reading of a mundane text, like a cereal box or shampoo instructions.

And the Oscar goes to…

16. Send a screenshot of the last funny text message you received.

Share the laughter!

17. Challenge another player to a virtual game of “Would You Rather?”.

Prepare for some tough choices!

18. Send a photo of the inside of your fridge. No cleaning allowed beforehand!

Fridge confessions.

19. Record a fake news report about something happening in your house and send the video.

Breaking news!

20. Share a childhood photo that’s embarrassing or funny.

A blast from the past!

21. Share a photo of your favorite mug.


22. Send a funny GIF and challenge your friends to send an even funnier one.

GIF battle!

23. Share a video of you doing your best impression of an animal.

Show your wild side!

24. Record yourself doing a shoutout to an inanimate object you can’t live without.

Ode to my beloved…

25. Record your best villain laugh and send it to the group.

Evil genius or friendly fiend?

26. Send a screenshot of your phone’s home screen and explain why you chose that wallpaper.

Share a glimpse into your digital world!

27. Record yourself trying to rap the alphabet.

Alphabet flow!

28. Send a selfie of you wearing your clothes inside out.

Fashion statement!

29. Share a video of you pretending to be a weather reporter, reporting on the weather outside your window.

Today’s forecast!

30. Share a video of you walking like a model across the room.

Runway at home!

31. Text someone a completely made-up word and ask for its definition, screenshotting the conversation.

Word invention!

32. Send a funny meme and challenge your friends to find an even funnier one.

Meme war!

33. Send a video of you trying to touch your toes while standing.

Stretch it out!

34. Send the group a silly selfie and challenge them to recreate it.

Funny face-off!

35. Draw a portrait of group member and send a picture of it. The group has to guess who it is.

Mystery portrait challenge!

36. Send your most used emoji and explain why you like it so much.

Emoji personality reveal!

37. Share a short fairy tale using a maximum of 10 emojis and let the group guess the story.

Unleash your creative storytelling skills!

38. Send a selfie of you wearing a funny hat or accessory.

Get your fashion game on!

39. Share an embarrassing selfie to your Instagram story.

Spread the laughter to your followers!

40. Send your celebrity crush a DM declaring your love for them.

Shoot your shot!

41. Send a screenshot of your most played song on Spotify.

Share your music taste with your friends!

42. Send a screenshot of your screen time on your phone for the past week.

See who’s the biggest screen addict among your friends!

43. Send a picture of your most embarrassing middle school yearbook photo.

Embrace the awkwardness!

44. Send a screenshot of the last item you purchased online.

Share your shopping habits with your friends!

45. Share a video of you attempting a TikTok dance.

Join the viral craze and show off your moves!

46. Send a funny picture and challenge your friends to come up with the best caption for it.

Get creative with your captions!

47. Send a video of yourself doing an interpretative dance to a song chosen by the group.

Show off your dancing skills!

48. Send a selfie of you doing your best celebrity impression.

Who can you mimic?

49. Record yourself giving a passionate speech about why a completely mundane object is the best.

Persuasive powers!

50. Text the third person in your contacts and tell them they’re beautiful.

Spread some kindness to a random friend!

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Flirty dares for Truth or Dare over text

Texting with your crush doesn’t have to be boring! Spice up those conversations with these fun and flirty dares. Just remember to keep it appropriate and in good taste!

1. Send a close-up photo of your lips.


2. Text something you like about me.

Compliments are always nice!

3. Send a picture of you wearing something daring.

Show off your sense of style!

4. Tell me something you’d like to do together.

Dream big!

5. Describe your ideal date to me.

Let the romance flow!

6. Send a flirty emoji, and let me guess its meaning.

Let’s play the emoji game!

7. Text me a cheesy pickup line and see how I respond.

Get your charm on!

8. Share a secret fantasy with me.

Let’s indulge in some imagination!

9. Send a picture of your smile and make my day brighter.

Let your smile work its magic!

10. Dare me to send you a cute selfie right now.

Challenge accepted!

11. Text me a song that reminds you of me.

Let the music speak our feelings!

12. Describe your favorite physical feature of mine.

Flattery will get you everywhere!

13. Dare me to send a flirtatious text to someone else.

Testing our flirty skills!

14. Send a GIF that captures your current mood.

Express yourself in a fun way!

15. Share a romantic quote and tell me what it means to you.

Let’s dive into the world of romance!

16. Dare me to send a sweet goodnight message to you every night for a week.

Keeping the love alive!

17. Share an emoji that best describes your feelings towards me.

Express emotions through symbols.

18. Describe the first thing that comes to mind when you think about me.

Uncover initial impressions.

19. Share a funny pickup line that you think would make me laugh.

Let’s bring some humor into the conversation!

20. Text me a flirty compliment using only three words.

Short, sweet, and flirty!

21. Tell me your biggest turn-on.

Discover what excites them.

22. Share an outfit you think I’d look good in.

Play fashion advisor.

23. Send me a flirty voice message.

Adding a touch of seduction!

24. Text me a fun fact about yourself that I don’t know.

Getting to know each other better!

25. Come up with a cute nickname for me.

Make the other person feel special!

26. Name one thing you’ve always wanted to try in bed.

Explore their desires and boundaries.

27. Send me a picture of your favorite outfit.

Showing off our fashion sense!

28. Share the last movie that made you cry.

Find out what pulls at their heartstrings.

29. Tell me the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone.

Get inspired by their past gestures of love.

30. Share a memorable moment we’ve had together and why it stands out to you.

Reliving the best moments of our connection!

31. Describe your wildest fantasy in explicit detail.

Let your imagination run wild!

32. Send a seductive voice message describing what you want to do to me.

Get the temperature rising!

33. Write my name on your body and send me a picture.

Get creative and cute with this one.

34. Send me a picture of your favorite place to be kissed.

Get a sneak peek into their romantic fantasies.

35. Send me a sexy video of you dancing.

Adding a touch of seduction!

36. Write a short poem about me and send it to me.

Get poetic and romantic with your words.

37. Send me a naughty message using only emojis.

Let’s play a flirty game of deciphering!

38. Tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love.

Find out what lengths they would go to for love.

39. Send a picture of your most attractive feature.

Let’s admire each other’s best qualities!

40. Describe the perfect kiss to me.

Get ready for some steamy descriptions!

41. Send me a sexy selfie.

Teasing you with a glimpse of my allure!

42. Tell me your favorite erogenous zone.

Exploring the heights of pleasure!

43. Send me a suggestive video of you touching yourself.

Adding an element of irresistible seduction!

44. Describe the most adventurous place you’d like to make love.

Let’s ignite our imaginations!

45. Send a flirty text in another language and see if I can guess what it means.

Let’s test our language skills!

46. Text me a naughty question you’ve always wanted to ask.

Delving into the depths of curiosity!

47. Tell me your favorite feature about yourself and why.

Let’s appreciate ourselves and boost our self-confidence!

48. Describe the most memorable sensual experience you’ve had.

Sharing our passionate encounters!

49. Text me your idea of the perfect date with emojis only.

Time to get creative!

50. Share the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on a date.

Bond over embarrassing and humorous moments.

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